About me

Hello gentlemen. I am so glad you found me... Where to begin? Well, my name is Martina. Most might want the physical attribute questions answered first, so I’m happy to get those out of the way, in order to move on to more interesting topics...


I’m a very sensual mixed Latina & Caucasian all-natural model. Standing tall at 5’8, I have a toned body, yet curves in all the right places. I enjoy working out and leading a healthy lifestyle. I have mesmerizing brown eyes, full lips, and beautiful, soft, olive skin. 


I guess what sets me apart from most is the fact that I am very well-travelled, having been travelling since I was only two months old. I am educated, I hold a bachelor’s degree, but my real education stems from my travels and my immersion in different cultures around the world. Thanks to this, you can rest assured there will be no awkward silences or dull moments between us. Unless you value silence.


I enjoy what I do, and so far, have received very positive feeedback. At risk of sounding conceited, believe me, I’m not, however, with the purpose of settling your concerns, I must say that my friends have pointed out I have a very exotic and stunning face... I was a former Miss Universe Finalist. You will, however, have to meet me in person to judge that for yourself. I am quite renown in the fashion industry, so I don’t always advertise showing my face. 


My aim is to offer you a fun and sensual release from your daily routine. You work hard, so I believe you deserve to be pampered. 


No matter where I am in the world, I always keep my service standard high, because I value your company, dear gentleman, as much as I hope you’ll value mine. 


I look forward to becoming acquainted, somewhere exciting around the globe...





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